Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pattern Review: WinterPeach Lucy Babushka Softie Doll Pattern

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So as I was looking through all my "to sew" pins I found some really cute baby shoe patterns.  So I bought those.  But it was 3 patterns for $10 so I got some others too.  And then I saw this adorable pattern:

I had to have that too!  So even though I said I was only gonna use up the patterns I already had, I added this one and made it the same day.

It's super cute and super easy.  Just some layering.  I did rip it apart though because my embroidery threads on the face were showing through too much.  So my advice is to make sure the threads are really clean on the back or use thicker face fabric (I used what I had in my stash).  I also recommend positioning the face a little lower than suggested on the pattern.  I felt it was too high, so when I dismantled, I lowered it and like it much better.

I stuck a small locking-lid pill bottle with some beads inside as a rattle.  Amelia loves squishing it and grabbing the ties and Wybee always brings it to her when she's awake. It was really nice to use some of my favorite fabrics that I've hoarded for way too long. This was the perfect project for that!

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