Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pattern Review: Leila and Ben Sweet Dress

From the Archives of Sibling Revelry
I think this was the first PDF pattern I sewed when I ventured back into the world of sewing after taking a pretty big break between kiddos.

*     *     *

I have set some sewing goals for myself:
1. Use up my enormous stash of fabric 
2. Actually use the patterns I have saved on my computer

I'm just going to bust them out.

Up first is the Leila and Ben Sweet Dress pattern in size 10.

I follow this cute pattern company on Facebook and when they enlarged their pattern to include sizes 6-10 they offered a few for free.  Older girls plus free pattern, yes, thank you.  So I finally made it up since Giselle was asking for a summer dress.

The pattern itself is very easy, since it's only 2 pieces--your typical peasant style. It went together as fast as can be with 5 children with constant demands.  So about 2 days...
The size 10 fit her well, I was worried about it being too tight in the armpits, and she doesn't like elastic on her arms, so the sleeves are a bit puffy because of it.  The sash we already had.  She wore it last Sunday to church and didn't take it off all day so it must have passed the comfort test.

She had me "curl" her hair right before taking pictures.  It lasted oh, about 5 minutes.  Poor girl has beautiful sleek perfect straight hair I would have killed for and only wants curls...

Dress for Elle √

Friday, June 9, 2017

K's Closet Custom Fabrics

I got to do a little more sewing for K's Closet Custom fabrics. It's always a pleasure because the fabric is just SO NICE. 
I love this trendy ikat. And so does Maddie!

 I made this shirt for myself and she promptly pronounced it adorable and asked to wear it. I can't really blame her. 
 I was accidentally sent a half yard instead of a fat half, so I couldn't really use it as I had planned, but it still turned out cute. I used my new favorite Union St Tee for the pattern, but I need to work on my color blocking skills. 

 She looks great though and I love the print. 

 This is a quick flash round that closes 6/10, so hurry and check out K's Closet Custom fabrics!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pattern Review: WinterPeach Lucy Babushka Softie Doll Pattern

From the Archives of Sibling Revelry

So as I was looking through all my "to sew" pins I found some really cute baby shoe patterns.  So I bought those.  But it was 3 patterns for $10 so I got some others too.  And then I saw this adorable pattern:

I had to have that too!  So even though I said I was only gonna use up the patterns I already had, I added this one and made it the same day.

It's super cute and super easy.  Just some layering.  I did rip it apart though because my embroidery threads on the face were showing through too much.  So my advice is to make sure the threads are really clean on the back or use thicker face fabric (I used what I had in my stash).  I also recommend positioning the face a little lower than suggested on the pattern.  I felt it was too high, so when I dismantled, I lowered it and like it much better.

I stuck a small locking-lid pill bottle with some beads inside as a rattle.  Amelia loves squishing it and grabbing the ties and Wybee always brings it to her when she's awake. It was really nice to use some of my favorite fabrics that I've hoarded for way too long. This was the perfect project for that!