Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pattern Review: Peekaboo Bonnet Made by Rae

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Today is our ward pioneer day celebration, so I finally made up a bonnet for Amelia. I used the Peek-a-boo bonnet pattern which has been in my files for quite some time...

This was my second one to make up (I made one for my niece to take to the beach) and it didn't go much better than the first.  It's not hard, there's nothing difficult about it at all, but I am not happy with the finished product.  In order to make it reversible, there's a seam line that runs over the gathered part from the other side.  I tried hand-stitching it, but gave up on that too.  I need to actually shorted a pattern piece so that the seam runs perfectly in the flat part.  If that makes any sense.

It's still cute.  Elle wants one now too.

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