Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pattern Review: Ellie Inspired Starboard Suspender Set

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When the pattern company, Ellie Inspired, posted a need for testers, I jumped on that ship.  I didn't see what the outfit was before I was selected, so when I saw the set, it took me a long time to get my inspiration.  I like pretty mod, simple outfits for my kids and I wasn't sure how I was going to make a traditional sailor suit look modern. I usually try to use fabrics I already have (must downsize this stash somehow) but nothing worked in my brain.  

I was in Hobby Lobby for some other fabric needs and saw this Michael Miller vintage Parisian-style (Gay Paree) print and knew right away, that would be my fabric.  The pattern set is a snap-crotch shirt with sailor collar, pleats in the back and cuffed-puff sleeves for girls and a suspender skirt (or shorts) with flat front and adjustable straps.

 This pattern set was more involved than I've done lately.  Set in sleeves and button-holes and yokes and plackets.  Nothing particularly hard, just time consuming.  It was actually a nice change to spend some quality time making a quality garment but I remember thinking it took nearly all day to sew.

 I made quite a few adjustments: shortened the skirt quite a bit (I just adore above-knee skirts on tiny people) and shortened the straps (they are almost too short--no room for growing), just sewed the skirt buttons on the front--they aren't functional, took out width in the waistband and tightened the elastic in the back by a lot.  I didn't end up going modern, I went with a vintage fit!  The set also comes with a tie pattern, but I felt that mine was busy enough and I wanted to show off the buttons.

I knew I wanted Amelia to wear her snappy red shoes for the photo shoot and I magically found this pair of knee-socks. You can't really see the print fabric too well, but there's the cutest characters romping around Paris and I knew Amelia needed a beret.

So I used Lil Blue Boo's free knit beret pattern and seriously, 5 minutes later had the most adorable hat.  Luckily Miss A likes wearing hats.

The outfit is so cute, the pictures turned out cute and of course, I think my baby is cute.  
She knew she was cute too, walking around all sassy-like.
She even made the cover for the Etsy listing!

This is part of a huge summer nautical collection that is being released this week. 
I really loved how it turned out and have plans in my mind for more!
 There is so much cute stuff so check it out here!

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What a cute memory. She looks absolutely adorable xx