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The Summer of Sewing 2015

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I blogged a little bit about my summer sewing list and I'm pleased to report that there's 2 weeks left of summer and my list is completed! So here's my entire list in pictures and reviews:

1. First up is the Lullaby Bubble (bodysuit) from the Oliver + S Lullaby Layette pattern:
O+S patterns are expensive as patterns go, but many feel they are worth it because it's like a sewing lesson and pattern in one.  I bought the Lullaby Layette thinking I'd get lots of use out of it and it was a good value.  But it's only a good deal if you actually sew it.  It only goes up to size 24 months, so I had to get going on it.

I went with the 18 month size, and it's huge on Amelia, so that was kind of a bummer, but I think it will still fit next year.  It took me FOREVER to make this.  It's really not hard, but I wasn't super excited about it and the "lesson" actually made it more complicated for me.  I was trying to follow it step by step exactly and then realized, I know how to do all this, just do it.  So it's done.  Except for the buttons.  Oh, and I added flutter sleeves. Fabric from Joanns.

2. Hello Sunshine Shirt and Capris from Puperita
Another pattern that ends at 2t. I love everything from Puperita even though we always have to size down (always check the designers measurements!).  The capris are so unique with the smocked inset which I admit was a huge pain but looks neat.  The top is adorable and simple (I am a sucker for Peter Pan collars) and I did snaps down the back. I made both the pants and top in 6 months size, but I added a lot of length to the shirt.  It fits perfectly. Fabric from Whimsical Designs and Walmart.

3. Beach Robes from Made
This is one of the oldest patterns in my collection and I finally sewed it.  I made one for Amelia and one for Wyatt since the pattern only goes up to 4t (however, they fit really big and could probably fit Will. 

I made Amelia's out of vintage towels.  I finally found a use for them!! I think it's amazingly adorable and wish I had one for myself.  

 I made Wyatt's out of 2 different towels.  And I sewed the hood on upside down.  It's really easy, just watch for that.  It still works, but I should fix it.  Kids love wearing them after the pool.

4. Coachella Shorts for girls
I already did a post about Amelia's.  I made an adult pair for Maddie. And I made a different pair of shorts for Elle (Too Cute Ruched Shorts from Coles Corner) (not shown)

#5 Baby Shoes

The very last thing on the list that I completed.  And  big flop. Literally.  I tried making these cute peep toes from WinterPeach and the bows came out TOO HUGE (they are tied 3 times in the pics).  Plus they are slippery and don't stay on, so not really practical.  I decided I don't like sewing baby shoes.

#6  Nadia like WDW
Translation: Nadia Dress by CKC in the style of Well-Dressed Wolf (an exclusive childrens' clothing boutique).

WDW came out with this adorable baby dress (called Aunt Heart): 
It's so sweet.
Luckily the Nadia pattern is a really close match (I actually like the higher coverage in front with the Nadia).  My skirt is a darker gray, but I really love love love this dress.  It came out so cute.

I realized I rarely sew with solid colors. I have hardly anything in my stash.  I need to change that.

#7 Elephant shorts

Clearance fabric + boy who loves elephants + free shorts pattern =

#8 Geranium FQs
I bought 2 sets of fat quarters at Tuesday Morning (did  you know they have fabric?!) and I've been wanting to make something for Amelia out of them.  So I made a top from the Geranium pattern (my favorite of all time) I used the cap sleeves for the first time and I'm in love.  Bad picture, but it's super cute.  I'm going to make some leggings to wear underneath for fall.  

#9 Diaper Covers
Confession--I haven't been cloth diapering lately.  I just cannot get them clean with the washer+texas water and I've gotten lazy.  So, then you need diaper covers.  
Another excellent free pattern by MADE. Size 6 months fits her perfectly. 

#10 Space Boy and Robot
A big boy in the house has wanted these for years.  I was waiting for the pdf pattern to come out (which it did over a year ago) and then of course, moving happened.  Finally got these cute guys made.  Just a week after his birthday.  He's happy now.  

This is one of those things that looks oh-so-easy and should only take 30 minutes, but it's not.  I had to make up my own directions (the gathers just didn't work for me so I did a pleat) and modify the inside construction and even though it's supposed to be size 12-18 months it seemed small on my tiny girl.  The design is cute but I think I'll modify it even more before I do it again.  I didn't even hem it. 

*     *     *
That completes my original list, but of course things got added to it! Including:

#12 Towel Cover up for Elle

Don't look close--I sewed it minutes before leaving for the pool.

#13 4th of July Outfit
Blogged about HERE.

#14 Blessing outfit for my friend Dafni's little boy.

(Deciding bow tie fabric)
I need some pictures of that cute guy in his outfit!

Phew!  Just writing this post has been exhausting! It doesn't even include all the things I've sewn for testing, mending, or other stuff for the girls or me!  It feels awesome to have the list done-- I'm amazed at all I got sewn and I am so glad to have used some of the many patterns I own.  It's been the summer of sewing that's for sure.  I've definitly let some things go (the house) while I sewed, but it was a fun experiment.  I think I'll make a list for Fall/Christmas and see what I can get done from that now!

Elle added the kimono herself, so that doesn't count!

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