Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pattern Review: DYYNI Skirt by Pienkel

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My favorite designer from a tiny island released another great skirt pattern!  This is the DYYNI skirt with so many options!  I went the simpler route and did single layer skirts for my girls. But the options include single layer, double layer, double layer with gathered ruched detail, pockets, and 2 different types of waistbands.
 Maddie's has an elastic waist and Elle's has a yoga band waist (which she said was the most comfortable thing ever).  Both my girls look great in these.  Perfect for younger girls (starts at size 2, so Amelia will soon be able to wear one too!) and goes all the way to size 16y.  So many possibilities!

 For Maddie we went with a romantic boho look with the rose colored skirt and gold accessories.  Note the side seam pockets.  Love.
 She wore it to church and of course got lots of compliments.  I love the modest midi length. She says it's trendy.  I'm glad.

And here's Giselle's. We went with a fancy black and gold dot fabric.  The skirt has 6 gores making for expert twirling.  Giselle tried it out and admitted it's fun to twirl.  I figured she was too old for that.  
 I don't know if you can tell very well, but the bottom is trimmed with bias tape for a smooth professional finish.  You can either leave it exposed or flipped in for even more design options.

 The inside finishes are very nice, making the inside just as lovely as the outside.  

I highly recommend this skirt.  The printing and cutting is easy, the pattern instructions are excellent and the results are, as you can see, beautiful!

For a limited time the DYYNI skirt is on sale, so get yours now!

Here's the Etsy Shop Link and the discount code is DYYNILAUNCH25.

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