Friday, March 24, 2017

The only Paper Pattern I still Sew: Butterick 4432

When I first learned to sew, I only knew paper patterns. I would modify the heck out of those to get the look I wanted, but one that I made over and over (I actually drafted it in larger sizes so I could keep making them) is Butterick 4432. It's so fast to sew and easy to wear. I love it with ruffle pants, ruffle bum bloomers or leggings and shorties. 

 I got rid of most my paper pattern collection but I knew I'd never get rid of this one; it was a classic. Yet I couldn't find it anywhere! I gave up my hunt and figured I accidentally gave it away until I found some traced out pieces tucked away and sure enough--I had the complete pattern!

 I instantly whipped it up in this light, almost seersucker fabric that I picked up at the fabric warehouse district for next to nothing and then made some shorties out of a walmart tank top (I love when their cotton/spandex tanks are $1.68) and we've got a cute summer outfit ready to go!

I'm glad to have this pattern back in my collection. 
There will be many more of these, I can assure you. 

And here's my original models from years ago:

 This outfit was my favorite!

 But the bows. 

 And why didn't I tie a nice sash here?!
And Amelia gets a turn in this one. 

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