Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pattern Review: Clara Dress

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I finally got a chance to sew up the Violette Field Threads Clara. Or rather, Baby Clara. This is size 12-18m and it fits perfectly.  Maybe a bit too perfectly since it's going to get chilly around here and I'll have to layer it. I used some of the nice Walmart fabric you can find around, and it's really nice--as nice as anything from Joanns or Hancock.  The Clara is a gorgeous pattern and I've seen so many amazingly beautiful designs around.  I'll definitely make some more, but maybe not so tiny.  Those bodice ruffles are kind of a pain. 

I also got a new lens for my camera.  My kit lens only autofocuses when it feels like it which is super inconvenient. I wouldn't mind manual focus if I'm doing still life, but toddlers are another story.  I've been wanting to try out a 50mm for years now so I took the plunge.  I'm still trying to figure it out, really, but I love these pictures of Amelia.  I'm sorry my blog has just become Amelia Oversharing.

 There was an airplane up there. 

This is one of her main faces. Apparently I make one similar and this is her version. 

 Practicing the princess wave.
Another Classic face.
 Oh man I love this girl.
And this is how excited she gets when Maddie comes home from a run.  

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