Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mandy K Designs Blog Tour

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I am so excited to participate in this fun blog tour!

Mandy K Designs is hosting a Knock-offs and Costume Hacks blog tour featuring all her patterns!  This is a fun way to see designs in a new light!

When I saw the Dandelion Wishes pattern from Mandy K, it immediately reminded me of gorgeous Fair Isle Sweaters with the round yoke.  

Now, it's been on my life bucket list to learn how to knit for a long time, but so far I've only mastered knitting squares and rectangles.  The complicated Fair Isle pattern (let alone a wearable garment) is a LONG way off.

I thought this pattern with it's round yoke and unique ruching was a great way to have the look without the work (or price tag--have you seen how much those sweaters cost?!).  And in all reality, it doesn't even get cold enough here in Texas to wear a thick, bulky sweater very often, so this knit dress is perfect.

I upcycled a Target Jersey sheet with a heathered look for the body of the tunic and I searched all over for the right fabric for the yoke.  I wanted something that would mimic the designs of the Fair Isle.  I found the perfect thing in the remnant bin at Hancock Fabrics.

 I didn't change the pattern itself except for leaving out the bottom knit panel for a shorter dress.  The ruching is not hard: I did it all while watching Mr. Rogers. It was quite relaxing actually, kind of like knitting?  And the rest of the dress is a breeze to put together.

The curls.  I couldn't resist.

The A-line is adorable and the fit is spot on.  I made it in 18 months because Amelia is just now getting into that size--I wanted plenty of wear in the upcoming months.  It is so comfy and cozy, just like those sweaters.  Maybe this is even better because it's not itchy!

Thank you so much for the chance to "knock-off" a design!
  Mandy K Designs is graciously offering 30% off til October 17 using code MKDblogtour2015. 
 So many possibilities, so many beautiful patterns!  
Check out all the upcoming blogs on the rest of the tour for more great ideas!

I love this on her!  It's just so cute!

*     *     *
As soon as Giselle saw this dress on Amelia she asked me if I could make one in her size because it would be perfect for her Halloween Costume.  Looks like I'll be whipping up another for a costume hack anyway!
I'll be sure to post that one too!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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