Friday, March 31, 2017

K's Closet Custom and Designer Fabrics--Deep Sea Fishing

This week I got the chance to sew something for Wyatt.

I know what you're thinking.
 "Who is this Wyatt of which you speak?"
Well, he's my 4 year old and he's not featured much on the sewing blog for a couple of reasons: 

1. He's super picky about his clothes (only soft knits)
2. He only likes the color blue
3. He doesn't like his picture being taken

So when I was given the chance to sew something with this amazing custom knit fabric I knew it would meet Wyatt's requirements (blue, soft) but I wasn't sure how'd he do at photos (awesome, btw).

This beautiful fabric is from K's Custom and Designer Fabric and it is the nicest stuff I've felt. It is SO thick and SO soft. As soon as I pulled it out of the package I was in love. The colors and designs are absolutely gorgeous. 

All the cotton lycra from K's Custom and Designer Fabrics is a plush 260 gsm and you can also get each design in a brushed polyester at 220 gsm. So luxurious! I washed my fabric right away and it came out of the dryer looking brand new. 


I decided to make Petitboo's Lightning shirt to showcase the Deep Sea Fishing cotton/lycra. I did the  lightning bolt, sleeve and back in the fabric and it was beautiful to sew. Even my serger and double needles liked it! 

 When Wyatt woke up the next morning he was thrilled. He kept saying "mom made me this shirt" and he wouldn't take it off (after I cut off the size tag I sewed in, of course). He showed everyone. He did pictures like a pro too. He was so excited to have a turn--maybe I should sew for my boys more often? What a grown up boy. 

 I'm so glad to sew something awesome for my boy and I'm so glad I got to experience K's Closet custom fabric!  If you're interested in the many designs, join the facebook group here.  This round of custom pre-orders closes on April 14th so hurry soon!

K's Closet is a boutique store in downtown Hillsborough, South Carolina. They not only sell fabric and sewing supplies, but all sorts of handmade clothing and accessories for the whole family. Proudly made in the USA! 

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Marina said...

So nice to meet Wyatt! He looks fabulous in his new t-shirt.... :)