Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sewing 2017

I've thought about resurrecting this blog and posting my sewing makes here. I post a lot on instagram @midwestvintageco but I often want to write more than a little caption.

I haven't made a complete list of sewing goals for 2017, but I know I want to keep paring down my stash, both patterns (pdf and paper) and fabric.

I've given away most all my paper patterns for many reason: I really dislike the feel of tissue paper, finding the pattern peices on those gigantic sheets makes me crazy and the sizing is never trustworthy. But I have a gigantic spreadsheet (such a nerd) of all my pdf patterns and I love checking the box when I've sewn one of those.

I've also gone through my fabric stash and if I KNOW I will never sew something with that fabric, or it was a sheet I bought at the thrifty shops intending to sell, but I don't love it, I send it on its way with my best wishes. It feels really good. I still have a long ways to go.

I'll be back soon with  my latest creations!

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