Friday, February 24, 2017

Pattern Review: Seaside Notions Grand Isle Top, Dress and Maxi

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Lots of pattern testing lately! Busy, fun and challenging.  One of my favorites has been the Seaside Notions Grand Isle dress.  I was assigned a size and style (maxi) which I personally love because I'm terrible at making decisions--it takes me long enough to figure out fabrics!  

This was my first time sewing a Seaside Notions pattern.  They are lovely.  Each of the designs is inspired by a coastal location and the pattern includes a little  info about the spot and I thought that was really neat.  They are definitely beachy and would be perfect for location photos.  Maybe we should plan a trip...

 I thought the maxi would be too long on a toddler, but it's actually adorable.  
 There was originally an elasticized waist option but during the testing, it proved to make the bodice flare out a bit too much so that option was removed (still optional and still REALLY cute).  That's one of the things that I love about the testing process.  Sometimes things don't go as planned and a good designer listens to feedback and changes accordingly.  I really appreciate that the released pattern is the best it can be and will provide consistent results.  

 So I took out the elastic and added these amazing pockets and it's just as cute and Amelia LOVES pockets.  

 See? It's love.  
 I used some of my vintage sheets for both these dresses and it's perfect for the drape and movement and to showcase the fabric.
  There's also a top and regular length dress option and I already have fabrics picked out for more.  It's a quick and easy, the pattern is easy to understand and organized and the look is stunning!
Seaside Notions has an active Facebook group where frequent sales are announced.  It's worth joining. 
There's a big spring sale right now in fact! Check them out!

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