Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pattern Review: Leilani by Peach Patterns

My pattern testing days are not what they used to be. I used to jump on any application that was posted, whether I was crazy about the design (or designer) or not.

But my time seems to have shrunk (5 kids?) and I've been trying to spend what little sewing time I have sewing up the patterns I've actually bought. But there's a few designers I still enjoy testing for. One of those is Marina of Peach Patterns. I know that Peach Patterns are quality, thorough patterns with great designs and Marina is awesome to work with. I'm always happy to test them!

The latest design is an adorable (and super fast!) boho sundress. It features a flounced top layer, tie straps and 2 different hem options (hi-lo maxi and knee length). It's perfect for showcasing cute trims and beautiful drapey fabrics.

I made 4 different dresses (I said it was fast!) mostly in pink because Miss Janie Bae LOVES pink.
I only got decent photos of 2 because our modeling days are not quite as easy-going as they used to be... we get lots of less-than-thrilled faces...

 This one I made out of a vintage sheet, thinking the drape would be good, but it's still a little stiff. But it's so cute with the pom-pom trim. This is the hi-lo hem.

 I edited out Amelia's massive nasty forehead wound from these pics. It's pretty bad, look:

I didn't want it to detract from the cute dress.

This is my personal favorite done in a super soft lawn. I love lawn. Why isn't everything made of lawn. I need more lawn. 
 I used a vintage trim on the top flounce, but didn't have enough for the bottom, sadly.
 It was sunny when I took these pics, but windy and a tiny bit chilly so we tried some indoors pics.

I think the Leilani is a great pattern for sewing gifts. It's fast (about 30 minutes) and it's an easy fit. You could whip one of these up for every little girl in sizes 1-12.
And--there's also a doll size available!  Wouldn't that be the cutest gift?!

The Leilani Pattern is on sale until February 21, for $6.95 and you can find the listing here

Look for these in the future --I'll definitely be making more!

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