Friday, February 10, 2017

Junebug Dress and Chloe Cardigan --Scottie Dog Version

For starters I'm going to copy some of my old posts from my personal blog over here. Originally posted January 18, 2017.

This last weekend I finally got the motivation to sew something. And it all went together really fast. Everything that normally slows me down or demotivates me happened easily: thinking of what to do, picking out fabric and pattern, printing, taping, cutting. Lately, just thinking of what to sew is enough to change my mind. But I always knew I was going to make a little cardigan out of this scrap of vintage double knit. I knew I had to make it before Amelia grew too big or it wouldn't work and that was enough to light the fire.

It was truly a fabric puzzle and I really doubted all the pieces would work. I didn't realize the scottie dogs were directional and that made it even tougher. But I was able to cut EVERYTHING except the undercollar and facing. I did have to cut the collar in 2 pieces instead of on the fold and the back pieces have scotties going sideways instead of up/down, but at least I did it. This is all I had left:

I used the Bubby And Me Creations Chloe Cardigan which is an awesome pattern. So easy and straightforward and fits perfectly. I had it done later that afternoon. The hardest part was deciding what color snaps to use (I skipped the buttons since I never have more than 2 matching buttons)

It's perfect. 

Then I decided she needed a cute dress to go with it. I made the free Junebug Dress from Craftiness is not Optional in size 2. I re-fashioned a thrifted anthropologie skirt of the buttery-softest corduroy in a not-quite navy.

 I wish I had read through the pattern tutorial first because I would have constructed the bodice differently (hello? enclosed sleeves?) so I'm annoyed at the lousy inside product. It's bulky in the underarms and too broad for her chest so there's gaping. But, I love the style and it looks so cute with her cardi. I think I'll make another one and see if I can bring in the chest a bit.

And-as soon as I sewed the last stitch, Wyatt came into my room and took the sewing machine foot off. Then it dropped to the floor and split in half. It was the last foot I had that fit the walking foot. Grrrrr.

Anyway, we did a little photo shoot today even though it was freezing and dark out there. She was a good sport. Now, I will overload you with photos.

This is her discovering that Peppa Pig is on the TV in my room. 
(side note: it's adorable when my kids use the words torch and rubbish bin thanks to Peppa Pig)

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