Thursday, February 17, 2011

Restyle #2

The modern feedsack.
Purina donates to breast cancer research from every pink bag of chicken feed sold. Consequently, the pink feed bags are really cute (that hen looks just like my Sophie). I've always felt bad throwing away such a sturdy product after I've filled my grain bin. I always thought they'd make cute market bags, so I finally got around to doing something with them.

The tight plastic weave is totally waterproof making this the ideal bag for dirt, sand, wet swimsuits etc. I think it's pretty indestructible too. I made the bag portion a square box and when I do it again, I think I will taper in the bottom a bit more, more of a triangle shape.

It wasn't hard to sew: my machine did fine with the material, but it's not very flexible, so getting those handles on and turning right side out was a beast.

So there you go, if you've got any chicken feed bags lying around make them into a tote!


virginia said...

emily...that looks so so cute.

Barlow Fam said...

That is seriously adorable!!!!