Friday, January 28, 2011

scrappy hearts garland, a tutorial

here's my first tutorial! it's very simple.
start with some 5" charm squares. I can recommend some really cute ones here. :)
draw your heart template. i like mine a little skeewampus. or however you spell that.
cut out your hearts. i first tried cutting out with pinking shears. i don't recommend it. i ended up with 8 hearts (16 total for front and back)
with 2 heart pieces, wrong sides together git to sewing.
start at the bottom of a long side and sew all the way around with a straight stitch leaving a little opening, about 1"

i first spaced them 10" apart and thought that was too far. so i went with 8. i think i would do them even closer, like 6. if i were to do it again.
sorry no picture of me at the machine again. i am a very lazy sewer, so i just sewed the top of each heart to the ribbon. i'm sure there are more visually pleasing (and time-consuming) methods of attaching the hearts. as it was, i nearly burnt the dinner.
it's pretty. it's festive. it's fun. it's fast.
happy heart day!

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