Monday, January 31, 2011

ReFashion #1

this is hopefully the first in a line of clothing makeovers. i love the idea of taking something ugly and unflattering and making it cute.

i picked up this flannel shirt at the thrift shop for $1.50. it totally reminds me of an eddie bauer flannel shirt i used to wear in highschool. back when wearing men's flannel was the thing to do.

i had an idea of what i wanted, and as rarely happens, things worked out perfectly. usually when i sew, i spend a lot of time picking out dumb mistakes. i'm always sewing something on backwards, or in the wrong place, or needles constantly break, but not this time. i was in the zone.

it took about two hours start to finish it (even though I still need to work out the darts in the back). Here's a quick rundown of what i did:

  1. removed collar
  2. took in shoulder length
  3. took in sides
  4. shortened sleeves to gathered cap sleeves
  5. added ruffles to front
  6. darts in back for more shape
the bust is a bit tight, and one sleeve is a bit puffier than the other, but for my first attempt, pretty good. at least it's wearable, unlike some other clothing inventions i've tried...

i know those are the worst pictures ever. i'd like to say that i purposely made myself look extra bad in the before, but sadly, that's really me. we must invest in a full length mirror. the only one in our house is the half bath downstairs with bad light. i think that would help. maybe.

I found this tutorial really helpful. and i really want her tools.
Also, check out the flickr group for more restyles. and join in!

Friday, January 28, 2011

scrappy hearts garland, a tutorial

here's my first tutorial! it's very simple.
start with some 5" charm squares. I can recommend some really cute ones here. :)
draw your heart template. i like mine a little skeewampus. or however you spell that.
cut out your hearts. i first tried cutting out with pinking shears. i don't recommend it. i ended up with 8 hearts (16 total for front and back)
with 2 heart pieces, wrong sides together git to sewing.
start at the bottom of a long side and sew all the way around with a straight stitch leaving a little opening, about 1"

i first spaced them 10" apart and thought that was too far. so i went with 8. i think i would do them even closer, like 6. if i were to do it again.
sorry no picture of me at the machine again. i am a very lazy sewer, so i just sewed the top of each heart to the ribbon. i'm sure there are more visually pleasing (and time-consuming) methods of attaching the hearts. as it was, i nearly burnt the dinner.
it's pretty. it's festive. it's fun. it's fast.
happy heart day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


My first Customer Appreciation Photos!
Look what cute pillows my most loyal customer, Megan, made out of MVco. fat quarters!

Aren't they cute all plump and soft on her sofa?
She has a very cute blog with cute outfits and shops and projects. Check it out at
Thank you Megan!
I love your pillows!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've got some new fat quarter sets in the works!
I love going down to my little shop and playing with all the different fabrics. They are so happy and colorful. I like arranging them in different stacks, mix and matching however I like best. People used to have really colorful beds.
Who wouldn't like to turn back the covers and see gardens and flowers?

and bright colors
and soft yellows
and sweet pinks
and soothing grays?
They are coming to the shop soon!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i'm finally starting this blog to go along with my etsy shop.
a place for vintage fabric inspiration,
customer appreciation photos,
new listings and projects,
and anything else i like.

customers who submit photos of their projects with MVco fabrics receive 20% off their next order!